3 new compact piling rigs of the type LBT 1.5 HE type are ready for delivery.

Lebotec the right Piling Machines for a solid Foundation.

At Lebotec, 3 new compact pile drivers are ready to be delivered to our customers. It concerns, 3 pile drivers, from our successful compact series type LBT-1.5-HE. This extremely compact machine is powered by a powerful 37kW electric motor.

Some features of this Piling Rig:

  • This machine has a hydraulic Telescopic leader which, in vertical position and including head, can be extended up to a length of min. 2.100 mm till max. 4.700 mm.
  • With special extension parts the leader can be extended more.
  • Limited length of leader:

With a dropweight of 1.200 Kg – till 7.200 mm

With a dropweight of 1.500 Kg – till 4.700 mm

  • Width of the machine is 700 mm; the undercarriage is hydraulic extendable up to 1.100 mm (optional up to 1.200 mm)
  • The dimensions of this machine make this machine suitable for use in tight spaces and hard to reach places.
  • The machine has an auxiliary winch and a leader tension winch with a capacity of 1.600 Kg, the auxiliary winch can be used as a second support winch.
  • The leader can be hydraulic brought in horizontal position, to mount the special extension parts.
  • The machine has in the front 2 stabilizers which can be adjusted in 5 Positions. At the rear end is a 3rd
  • For the ease of use is a fully automatic PLC control mounted, which has a 10-recipes switch. This machine is also available fully remote controlled.


If you, or your company, is interested in a mini piling Rig or another foundation Rig, contact us for an appointment and we will inform you about all the possibilities.

For the above-mentioned compact piling rig, look under the chapter mini pile drivers for further Information.

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12 October, 2021