Lebotec has recently delivered new concrete pump on tracks.

The pump is recently set to work by Nederfund Foundation from Wijchen. These concrete pumps are specially built on tracks, because they can easily be used on construction sites. The pumps are equipped with a radio control, a drill rack and other practical skills, see the overview below.Cleaning has also been considered, the pump is equipped with a compressor and a water tank of 800 litres. We wish the Firms Nederfund good luck and productivity, with this fantastic purchase.

Technical information:

Type                                                              : LBT-BP 130

Capacity                                                       : 130 m³ /h by 70 bar

Concrete pressure                                     : max. 70 bar

Piston diameter                                          :    230 mm

operational stroke                                      : 2.000 mm

Diesel engine power                                  :    235 kW (320 PK)

Tier 5 diesel engine                                   : Volvo Penta 

Tank capacity hydraulics                          :    650 ltr.

Tank capacity diesel                                  : 1.200 ltr performed with delivery pump

Ad Blue tank                                                :      75 ltr.

Ad Blue buffer tank                                    :    650 ltr. performed with delivery pump

Length                                                          : 6.600 mm

Width                                                            : 2.600 mm

Height                                                           : 2.600 mm

Total weight                                                 : 13.500 kg 

Radio control: pump forward / reverse / stop / horn, and drive

Automatic greasing system pump unit

Compressor 15 kW hydraulically driven

Water tank (pressure tank) 800 l. (8 Bar)

Auger rack on top

02 May, 2019