Lebotec delivers new drilling rig from the CD series to Foundation Firm Mulder from Leerbroek, The Netherlands.

The Fa. Mulder from Leerbroek is on his way to his first building site with the LBT-40-Cd drill rig, which was delivered to him. This machine has been developed, for making ground displacing piles inside and outside buildings. The rig is very compact and is powered by a 129 kW Tier 4 Final diesel engine. It is equipped with a 40 kNm drill head.The minimum working height of this machine is 3,000 mm. The maximum tube length that can be beneath the drill is 6000 mm. The machine is also fitted with a Passe-Partout that is suitable for a 168 or 219 mm screwed tube. For convenience, a welding generator has been built in the machine. The machine is very mobile thanks to a slewing ring, a hydraulic extendable undercarriage, and 4 stabilizers. To complete, this machine  is equipped with a registration system.                                                                          Optionally, all functions can be performed radiographically.

Length                        4.338 mm

Wide                           1.400/ 1.900 mm

Height min.                2.286 mm

Min. work height         4.980 mm

Max. length tube         6.000 mm

Pull up                            120 kN

Pull down                        30 kN

Total weight                7.200 tot 7.500 kg

If you, whether your company are interested in a foundation machine like this, or any other type, please visit our website www.lebotec.nl under chapter products.

26 September, 2017