LeBoTec delivers new low headroom rig from CD series to Waal Palen from Belgium

Lebotec delivers new low headroom drill rig from the CD series. This is delivered to the Waal Palen from Belgium, it concerns an LBT-CD-65. This machine is designed to make soil displacement piles for both indoor and outdoor buildings. The machine is very compact, and is powered by a 75-kW electric motor, so it is very suitable for restricted aces sites. The machine is equipped with a 65 kNm rotary head, on a leader with a stroke of 1.200 mm. The rotary head is fitted with a wedge clamp with a passage suitable for pipes with a diameter of 168 or 219 mm. Also, the rotary head is fitted with a slewing ring so that the pipes can also be placed horizontally in the rotary head. This can be done on its own, because the machine is equipped with its own car crane with a range of 5.850 mm. The machine is very mobile thanks to the slewing ring as well on the rig as on the rotary head, the extendable under carriage and the 3 stabilizers. To complete this picture, this machine is fully remote controlled operable. (18 functions). Optional a PLC with extensive diagnostic is one of the possibilities.

Length               3.954 mm

Width                          1.100 / 1.700 mm

Height                2.038 mm

Pull up                     65 kN

Pull down                25 until 30 kN

Car crane         380 kg range 5.850 mm

Total weight       7.700 / 8.000 kg

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01 June, 2017