Lebotec supplies again an auger cleaner.

In addition to a full range of drilling motors from 1.5 Tm to 60 Tm, LeBoTec BV also supplies any associated auger cleaners. Our auger cleaners are driven by a hydraulic motor, which drives a turntable with a pinion. The turntable and the pinion are built in closed. (gearbox). The hydromotor and the safety valve are protected by means of a casing, which is fitted by means of a bolt connection. A clamping device is mounted on the inside of the cleaner in which steel brushes are clamped. The steel brushes clean the auger. The brushes do not have to be adjusted when changing the inside boilers. The auger cleaner has a double seal on the top and bottom and a labyrinth seal on the top. Our drill cleaners have proven themselves in practice.

24 April, 2019