New compact pilling machine delivered

LEBOTEC the right piling and drilling rigs for a solid foundation.

Meanwhile, the third of our latest generation mini-piling is delivered. This third machine is exported to England. This extremely compact pile driver is driven by a powerful electric motor 37 kW.

Some details of this machine:

  • The machine has a hydraulically extendable leader that in the vertical position inclusive head, has a minimum height of 2.100 mm and is maximal hydraulic extendable to a length of 3.700 mm. Through extensions the leader is to extend.
  • Leader length:
    With a drop weight of 1.200 kg – up to 7.200 mm
    With a drop weight of 1.500 kg – up to 4.500 mm
  • The machine is 700 mm wide, the undercarriage is hydraulically extendable up to 1100 mm. (Optional to 1200 mm)
  • Due to its dimensions, this machine can also be used in hard to reach places.
  • The machine is equipped with an auxiliary winch and guiding winch with a capacity of 1600 kg. Optionally the guiding winch can also be used as a 2nd auxiliary winch.
  • The mast can be hydraulically tipped horizontally to fit the extension parts.
  • Also, the machine is provided with 2 stabilizers on the front that are adjustable in 5 positions. A 3rd stabilizer is mounted at the rear of the machine.
  • For ease use there is installed a fully automatic pilling control, with a 10-position switch. And a recipe stroke counter with 0-position.
  • And also, this mini pile driver is complete radio-controlled.

If you or your company are interested in a piling rig like this or another type, take a look at our Website chapter Products “.


30 January, 2017